The High Cost of a ‘Normal’ Birth Policy

November 17, 2016


A new report by Birth Trauma Canada, a group advocating for honesty in obstetrics and maternal autonomy, says current obstetric policies fail both women and health care systems.  Canada has a long history of seeking to reduce its cesarean rate on the basis it will improve women’s health and reduce health care costs.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

‘Normal’ birth policies, in Canada, and around the world:

·         Cost health care systems billions

·         Increase rates of substandard care

·         Ignore the basic principles of medicine to full disclosure and informed consent

·         Force women to accept pain when the technological ability to safely and effectively eliminate it exists

·         Undermines quality research, medical advancement and maternal autonomy

·         Makes the most dangerous and expensive birth mode – planned vaginal births – the default standard of care

·         Set barriers between childbearing women and the most skilled obstetrical care providers




The full report is available here:


The High Cost of a ‘Normal’ Birth Policy




Media contact:  Penny Christensen, Birth Trauma Canada,