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We want to give a voice to traumatized women and women who have had a negative childbirth experience.  If you would like to talk to someone we would be happy to talk to you.  If you have questions or comments we would like to hear from you.

We encourage you to do your own research.  Some useful external websites are:



This support organization is run by a  birth trauma survivor who feels a vaginal birth without interventions is the best option. Unfortunately that was not her reality and she would like to talk to other birth trauma survivors in the Vancouver area who share a similar viewpoint for mutual support and advocacy.  Please contact her at the link directly above.

This blog is from a courageous young woman who is dealing with damage from her vaginal delivery.  She has had a device surgically implanted that provides electrical stimulation to her pelvic floor called  Medtronic Interstim bowel incontinence therapy.  It has provided some semblance of normalcy for her. 


Jen Hannah is a musician.  Her new album 'RISE' is part of her healing from birth trauma and a portion of the proceeds will go to The Birth Trauma Association in the UK - a very worthy registered UK charity.