The spring season is already here and summer is simply creeping in the corner. If you’re a person who loves beach parties, reunions, and nature trips, it is perhaps time to give your RV good detailing. Of course, you and your loved ones would love to travel in comfort and style in a detailed and clean RV, right? 

A couple of individuals believe that simply vacuuming the interior and hosing the exterior of their RV is clean enough. Unluckily, this type of cleaning method won’t remove any microorganisms, oil, grime, and dirt that can damage the interior and exterior of your RV.  

A mobile RV detailing can get rid of these things. Aside from cleaning your car’s interior and exterior, you can also clean the under chassis and engine of your RV.  

Here are several tips you can follow when you want to detail your RV: 

 Clean the Water System 

Have you tried cleaning your car’s interior but still notice a musty odor inside? Well, you’ve got to examine the water system. It might contain water from your past trips. Thus, you have to drain the tank, water lines, and water heater. Fill the tank with water and apply several drops of bleach. Let the solution sit for a couple of minutes. This will guarantee that your water system is clean. After several minutes, drain the water and turn on the faucets and pump. This will get rid of the bleach from the system. Before you refill the tank with clean water, make sure you leave the system for 12 hours.  

Keep Every Detailing Product Close 

If you want to lower your detailing mistakes, there are a couple of things you need. This includes: 

  • Car wax 
  • Towels for drying 
  • Brush with long handle 
  • Squeegee 
  • Rubber gloves 
  •  A long garden hose 
  • Wheel cleaner 
  • Glass cleaner 
  • Car wash soap 
  • Tar remover 
  • Bug remover 

You can try moving the cleaning solutions in tiny containers and properly label them. Then, you can place these small containers in a basket or small bag that you can place put around your waste. With this, you can save a lot of time from walking around.  

Cover Sensitive Spots When Detailing 

Utilize plastic to cover the filter, electrical wirings, spark plugs, air intake, and alternator. With this, you can avoid oil and water remover from seeping in and causing damage to your vehicle.  

Think About the Weather and Time 

It’s preferable to detail your car before 8 am. This is typically a warm morning to do the job. Keep in mind that your RV is probably huge. You’ve got to complete the task before the sun gets too hot. Else, water spots might form or the cleaning solution may dry up. You need to avoid these things since they can damage your car’s exterior paint.  

If you think that detailing your RV is too much work, don’t worry. You can always hire a professional car detailing company to detail your RV. Oftentimes, they’ll offer steam cleaning that makes the whole process more efficient and faster.  

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