It’s always beautiful to look at the dazzling gloss and shine of your car. Unfortunately, it’s probably an indication of oxidation damage if your joy and pride are beginning to look a bit faded and dull.  

This is called paint oxidation. This will cause the paint to lose its sheen. On severe occasions, car paint can have a cloudy or chalky look.  Aside from looking unappealing, paint oxidation will also greatly lower the resale value of your car.  

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Aside from regular mobile car detailing Los Angeles, here are several tips you can follow to prevent car paint oxidation. 

Choose High-quality Paintwork 

You can make a lot of difference to your car if you have high-quality paintwork. It’s always a wise move to check out durable waterborne coating solutions. For those who don’t know, waterborne paints tend to have an excellent gloss level when it comes to overall quality and finishes. In addition to that, there’s less possibility for paint flaws. It also has excellent coverage. This improves the overall aesthetic appeal. 

Avoid Using Harsh Car Cleaning Products 

You should be careful of what car cleaning products you utilize if you’re wondering what causes paint oxidation. A couple of abrasive and stronger cleaners aren’t always kind to the paint surface of your vehicle. Thus, it is a wise move to switch to environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Typically, they’re gentle on car paintwork. In addition to that, you’re also helping the environment.  

If you hire a professional to clean your car, make sure you look for an eco-friendly car detailing company.  

Maintain Your Car Regularly 

One of the main reasons why paint oxidation happens is the lack of car care. Unluckily, a lot of individuals don’t have the time to commit to routine car care.  

If you do wash your car yourself, you can maintain it by waxing it after washing. You can also utilize a unique paint protectant. You can always hire a professional car detailing company if you do not have the time to do it on your own.  

Avoid Accumulation of Contaminants 

Accumulation of contaminants will affect the smooth look and shine of your car’s paintwork. You can easily avoid this from happening if you regularly wash your car. Car washing will help get rid of particles and pollution on the car’s surface. It is crucial to get rid of oxidation from car paint immediately if the paintwork is beginning to feel bumpy and rough.  

Park in the Shade 

Do you always park your vehicle outdoors? Street parking might be your only choice if you don’t have a driveway or garage. However, you need to park your car in the shade if you want to avoid paint oxidation. This is particularly true during the summer season where the rays of the sun are stronger.  

If you can’t find shade in your area, you can invest in a car cover to protect the paintwork. You might have to leave car paint correction to the experts if serious UV damage has already caused paint oxidation.  

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