If you want to maintain the excellent condition of your RV, the best thing you can do is to regularly detail its interior and exterior. Unfortunately, RV detailing is not as easy as it might appear to be. There are a couple of things you have to consider first before you can proceed with the task.  

Detailing an RV is a process of cleaning thoroughly the exterior and interior of the vehicle to maintain and improve its look. The task is called “detailing” because it is all about perfecting the small details of your car. Because of this, there are a lot of steps included.  

You can make your life easier if you hire a professional RV detailing San Diego company. However, if you want to do it yourself, here are several things you should know: 

Interior Detailing 

Usually, interior RV detailing includes at least a couple of tasks, such as odor removal, vent cleaning, crevice and dash cleaning, cup holder cleaning, seat cleaning, carpet cleaning, and much more.  

Exterior Waxing 

Once you are done cleaning thoroughly the exterior of your RV, you can wax it. You can either go for a simple sprayon and wipeoff form of wax or a wipe-on and buffoff form of wax. It depends on your preferences.  

Tire Cleaning 

Cleaning the tires of your RV should be the final step in the exterior cleaning process. The reason for this is that you have to work from top to bottom. 


You might have to utilize a cleaning product made specifically for RV awnings. This will help you deep clean the awning of your RV. Keep in mind that you need something that’s gentle on the fabric and paint. 

Bug Removal 

Getting rid of bug splatter will become much harder if you wait a long period to remove it from the front of your car. You can utilize a chemical bug remover or a car washing kit to get rid of bug splatters. However, you can also create your own solution using water and dryer sheets. You can easily avoid hard-to-remove bug splatters in the future if you wax and maintain the front of your RV. 

Overall Exterior Washing 

There are a couple of techniques when it comes to washing your RV. Some are wet and some are dry. Make sure you clean and dry full sections at a time if you are wet washing. This will help prevent streaks. Typically, you can utilize a regular RV washing soap. However, you still have to examine that you are utilizing the correct product for your form of RV siding.  

Roof Cleaning 

Typically, detailing goes from top to bottom. The ideal cleaning methods and products for your RV roof differ on whether you’ve got a rubber membrane-type roof, a fiberglass roof, or another form of roof. Thus, make sure you consider this. Fiberglass roofs are vulnerable to oxidation. You might require a strong cleaner if they look ashy or chalky. If you’re afraid of damaging the roof, you can always hire a detailer to do the job. 

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